And so it begins…

I wanted to write my experiences down from start to finish, but I got caught up in schoolwork (and a broken computer), so my written adventure begins while I’m in the thick of it. I wanted to document my struggles and successes and write it down as I venture into this career/profession, and since I lost my awesome journal that I loved to write in, it’s TO THE INTERNET I GO!

I know I’m not gonna care for the details of each and every moment of every day in this program, but I know I’m gonna want to jot down these moments in my life. At the time I am writing this post. I am one week away from my second semester in mortuary school. I wished I could’ve started this before the first semester so I could accurately describe my feelings as I was going through them, but I’ll have to go from memory.

In august of 2015, I went to the 2-day orientation for new students to the program. After the first day, I came home and wept and thought, “there is no way I can accomplish this”. There was “advice” from continuing students saying “quit your job” and “say goodbye to your social life”. It freaked me the fuck out, and I thought that maybe this was all about to be too much to do. Luckily, I have an amazing support system and they reassured me that I can do anything. After the orientation, I was still buzzing with a nervous-excitement, ready to start the semester.

I remember the first month of school felt overwhelming. Four classes 3 days a week. It was full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They had overlapping exams (some days I had 3 exams in 3 classes), online components that were AGGRAVATINGLY slow and glitchy, and not having an adequate study area were piling up.  Fortunately, I passed the semester. Not with the grades that I wanted, but they keep stressing that when we’re in the business, no one cares about your GPA, they just want to know if you’re licensed.

So since school starts back up in a week, here’s my thoughts. I’m nervous and eager about this semester. I’m finally in my embalming lab and my restorative art classes which I have been so anxious to start. But then I have to take a law class and another semester of funeral service management (see accounting class), so it’s not all fun and games. I’ll be in school Monday through Friday, and it’s gonna be stressful, but I think I’ve finally found my manageable stress level to make it through the semester. We’ll just have to find out…


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