One down…

So my first week of the second semester is officially in the books. I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt by the end of it. For whatever reason, I thought I was gonna feel extremely overwhelmed, but I’m actually just feeling super excited for the semester. This could change in an instant though, so I’m hoping to ride this optimism for a little while longer.

First class was my management 2 class. We just hopped right into it with the review exam and group projects. We knew ahead of time about the exam, so I studied for it to some degree. Turns out I actually retained some information because I ended up getting a 90%! We also dove into the deep end with group projects and business plans. Luckily, it seems like the group I was placed in is on top of it. One of the group members attempted this class in the summer and has an idea of what we’re doing, so her calm, “let’s get this done” attitude made me feel better. The only part of this first class that makes me feel the grinding in my gut is the fact that since it meets every other monday, we won’t have this class again until the 29th…when we’re presenting group assignments. *GULP*.

Tuesday was my first anatomy/pathology 2 class with my new teacher. I didn’t have a class with Mr Mac last semester, but I did interact with him here and there, and he seemed like a really nice guy. Turns out he’s awesome! He loves cats for one, and he’s also into motorcycles. He’s also been in this industry for 40 years (I think he said?). I love the way he presents info. I had anatomy/pathology 1 last semester with one teacher, and I had a hard time with the way she presented stuff. Mr Mac is straight forward and VERY anecdotal (lots of stories while he’s presenting, but they’re all entertaining at least). Plus, my first quiz in there I got the full points cuz he’s not trying to confuse us, he’s literally just quizzing us on whether or not we know the information presented, THANKS DUDE!

Wednesday was an interesting day. It was 2 classes with Bower, and while I love classes with him, today was weird. We had thanatology 2 in the morning and he decided to open the class up with about 45 mins about this funeral he did the Saturday before school. I knew what was coming by the heads up from Sam and Jane from Orientation the day before. This funeral was HIS grand babies. He embalmed them and talked about the service and what his family is going through. Then he proceeded to tell us that this semester is about to be his therapy sessions (I still don’t know if that was a joke or not). After that, we did class like normal, and it was just like last semester’s thano class, so nothing new to report there.

Later that day was our embalming 1 lecture. This was one of the classes I was most excited for this semester. Bower had joked with us between classes that he wasn’t going to bring up dead babies anymore (thank the Gods), so we just had a normal introductory lecture. We were also informed that this is going to be the first semester that the embalming 1 class is going to embalm a body from start to finish! We’re going to be given the opportunity to do this because that’s how the industry works and they want to give us as much exposure and practice as possible. I love that they strive to give us the best possible chances in school to get as much experiences as we can, so I’m extra excited!

Thursday morning was my first experience in an embalming prep room. We had our Lab from 9am-noon, and we were shown the room we’re going to be in. Part of the introduction/attendance time was spent asking how nervous we were on a scale of 1-10. Many of my fellow cohorts apparently have some high anxiety about the embalming lab. I think one other person than myself said they have little to no anxiety, and honestly, I think my “1 or 2” is mostly excitement and not nerves. The embalming teachers, Mr Cano and Ms Hopper, seem like extremely knowledgeable teachers (they’ve been doing it for over a decade), and I’m really excited to work with them. Thursday afternoon was round 2 of anatomy/pathology 2 with Mr Mac, and he was a little more talkative this time. All in all, it was a quick lecture and we were done.

Friday morning was all about restorative art 1 with Mr Mac. This is the other class that I just couldn’t wait to take. It’s 4 hours in the lab, but I think once we’re actually working with the clay, it’s gonna go by quickly. We spent the morning going over syllabus stuff and a fire evacuation drill, followed by making our mats of contact paper and instructions. It got a little long and boring by the end when he started the lecture portion, but luckily, we decided, from now on, to do lecture first thing in the morning so we can get it out of the way and move onto lab work. Again, he’s very anecdotal, so it felt like there were more pauses between slides than there should have been, but again, he’s got some interesting ones at least!

So that’s one week down. This semester is twice as much work as last semester and I’m weirdly into it. I have no idea why. I’m just hoping I can keep this momentum going throughout the semester, because if I can do the whole semester with this mindset, I’m getting it done RIGHT. I have my last new class of the semester tomorrow (since it starts every other Monday), and I’m not really excited for the subject. Law just really isn’t my bread and butter, but hopefully I can take that optimism of the semester and make it work. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up till 1:30am the night before this class, but oh well, it doesn’t start until 1 pm tomorrow 😛

…15 to go.


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