Monday’s, am I right?!


“I don’t like Monday’s, but unfortunately they come around eventually” – Lorelai Gilmore

When people hate Monday’s, it’s usually because it’s the start of an 8 hour day to a full 5 day week, after probably the most relaxing weekend they’ve had in a while, and HOW DARE something interject that! I hate Monday’s for 3 hours. Actually 2 hours and 50 mins if we’re going off the course description’s allotted time.

I had no idea that when I started this program that something called “funeral service management” would become the bane of my existence. The first semester of it is literally learning the basics of accounting as if I were trying to become a CPA. The second semester of it is all about group projects and it’s slowly killing me.

I thought I hated last semester (mainly because of the online companion site that glitched left and right and made me want to rip my hair out), but this semester has turned what sounds like learning managerial techniques into making a completely fake company in a very serious manner.

It’s not that we have to make a fake company, I’m all for making shit up, but the serious tone to this whole thing is blowing my mind. We’re “renting” space, meaning we’re calling places and making sure it’s available and making it like we’re actually purchasing this place and working from it. We have to assign jobs to everyone using our real legit resumes, which feels really weird for some reason. There’s a bunch more to it, but the basic point is that it’s overwhelming.

The class is about half my cohort and half of the people who failed it in the summer or previous semester and they’re retaking it. It only meeting once, every other week is killing me too. I’m all for independent studying and having things in my control, but this semester so far feels so completely out of my control that I’m literally going in every other Monday saying, “fuck it” the whole time.

The second time taking the class kids feel on top of everything and it sort of feels like they’re trying to leave us in the dust too, they don’t want to fail and they don’t care how they do it. Even if it means doing all of our work and tacking our names onto it and turning it in. That scares me with 1) the amount of kids retaking making me feel like I might have to retake this class and 2) if I have to retake it, I don’t even know what I did the first time around!

I’m doing the work. I really am. But it’s one of those things that no matter what I do, I feel behind and out of the loop and completely helpless. We presented group projects today and it made me so mad how ill-prepared I was. I feel like the bare minimum (AT BEST) was done. Friends of mine told me that it was fine and we did well, but I know me, and I know that wasn’t done right. We got placed into new groups today for another group project and I am determined to knock this one out.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Monday’s that I’m not in management, I’m in Law 1. This class sounded ominous before I even entered the program. I have no basis on this subject (besides watching a LOT of Law and Order: SVU), so this class terrified me. So far, I’ve done better than expected on the first exam we had (that apparently a LOT of people didn’t even pass), but I have a feeling this won’t be a regular occurrence.

Part of my complaint is the teaching we’re receiving, but I’m not about to bash someone on the internet, it’s petty. I will complain about one thing though. I worked so hard on the 5 case briefs we had due before our exam, did them like we did them in class the week before. When I turned them in, we took the exam, and then the lecture portion of the class started off with a “how to do a case brief” tutorial…? Shouldn’t this have been done the first week? So of course, all of my case briefs were incorrect, so there goes a bunch of points. I have the tools to make them correct for this next week, but come on?! Really?! I get docked points because I wasn’t shown how to do it properly the first time?! I find that absurd.

The rest of my week is awesome. I have an anatomy/pathology 2 class that I dig. The teacher’s awesome, super informative and nice. Teaches rather slowly (almost mind numbingly sometimes), but understandable and his test and quizzes are better than last semester. My embalming lecture and thanatology class is instructed by the same teacher, and I love the way he teaches. The lab is with 2 other teacher’s who are awesome and extremely knowledgeable, which makes being in there even better.

The rest of my week coasts, but man…that Monday is such a MONDAY!


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