Summer time!

Stilllife on the beach with sunglasses cocktail in coconut and flip flop

“SCHOOL’S OUT FOR [only two weeks of] SUMMER!” -Alice Cooper

I think that was the quote, right? 2 weeks of summer and then it’s back to the grind? Or was it forever? All I know is, I got too excited to come back on here and write about my final final (which I took over a week ago). I wrapped up that week with easier and easier finals and then that Friday, I walked out class with a skip in my step. More like a jump to my step. I was too damn excited to finally feel like I had NOTHING to do. Grades are posted and it’s officially summer:Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.43.35 PM

My grades ladies and gentlemen! WOO! Straight B’s! That’s an accomplishment if I do say so myself! This program is intense (have I not mentioned that enough on ALL of the rest of my posts?!), so getting B’s has me flyin high y’all! And since I’m done and grades are in, may I just reiterate, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!

It’s actually still kind of weird to think that I don’t have any studying to do…yet. ‘Cause then I realize, OH! RIGHT! I have class in less than a week and I need to start preparing for it nowish. I did get on it and buy my books and get things in order in that sense. But I have yet to actually sit down and read things. I tried looking at the newly opened link for the Law 2 class and decided it was too much of a headache and haven’t been on it since.

But this post isn’t about the stress of summer setting in (that’ll probably be a week into the summer semester), it’s about how nice it feels to be more than halfway done with school! That’s right. I have 7 weeks of summer, 16 of fall and then I’m DONE! I’ll be a graduate in December and a licensed funeral director come July (apparently!?).

Let’s just talk about that for a second. I always thought that when they talked about becoming licensed before graduation, I thought that meant that sometime in the fall semester I’d be taking the test and becoming licensed. Apparently “before you graduate” means “before you’re done with the summer semester”. That’s a crazy concept to me. I’ll be done with the licensing but then still have another semester of classes.

We’re also “strongly encouraged” to be working in the field before we finish school as well, and that sounds nice, but I know my work ethic. There’s no way I can work and do a full semester of school. Other people may be able to, but that’s not how I roll. I’ll burn out so fast and probably not be able to pass classes, and that would SUCK.

So since my “summer” is coming to a close soon, I’m gonna live it up. Went on a hike yesterday, going to a museum tomorrow. The end of the summer session has another 3 weeks before the fall semester, and I’m hoping to have camping trip squeezed in there. Maybe I should be looking for a job or trying to make shit happen in that time, but I think I know myself: if I can get a break, I’m gonna take a BREAK! Now, I’m gonna soak in this last week ☮✌ out y’all.


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