“Maybe I should switch careers?” and other thought’s that have been running through my head besides studying. Part 1.


That title’s starting to look like a damn Fall Out Boy song title. Anyway:

Just when I thought things were going smoothly and I was handling everything, the 2 weeks till the end of summer session deadline has come, and I’ve now realized how fucking STRESSED OUT I am. I don’t know why I thought this semester was going to get easier? I wrote my planner out for the semester and was overwhelmed with that. Next week starts the 2 weeks of Law 2 that I’ve been dreading the most. It’s expected of me to read chapters 1-9 of one book and chapters 1-10, 14, 15, and appendices of another! I don’t have enough hours in the day to do this (which is why they tell you it at the beginning of the semester, I know this). Not only do I need ALL of that, but there’s 2 presentations in there that have to happen as well.

Oh but wait, that’s only one class. My other class has a presentation and a final within the next week that I’m not really jazzed for. OH BUT WAIT! My online class has 3 more chapters and 3 homework modules, not including the 3 chapters and 3 sets of homework modules I did today. Oh and a final. Of course.

Wait, what’s that?! There’s more?! Oh well I’m glad you asked. Yes! There is more! I got my paperwork for my funeral director exam that I need to take basically ASAP. So if I wasn’t already stressed out from all the school work I need to get done, my future career’s first test for licensure looms over me. And we’re encouraged to take it as soon as we take the test in class so that it’s fresh in our minds for the state exam. Guess what that means? I might be taking the test in less than 5 days! To say I’m nervous is a damn understatement.

I’m trying to keep my confidence (that I once had) up, but I’m scared as hell. I’m scared that if I “just take it!” like she says, I’m going to fail. That’s the worst that can happen, but I hate failing. I mean, who likes it? The only thing keeping my confidence (ego) up is the fact that I’m getting 102% in my online class, so that’s a gimme. I’m doing well in my other class (a B as of the last progress report). As long as I keep those up and focus on getting good scores in Law 2 (fingers crossed), I can pass the semester.

I think all that’s holding me back is the fact that I need to take the test in class and see how I do, feel it out, before I take the state test. For whatever reason, I’m assuming my test in class is going to be harder (because, let’s be real, it’s true), so I’m hoping that will give me a good gauge on how I’ll do on the FDR test.

Fingers crossed, man. I’m gonna crack open another beer and contemplate going to vet tech school. *wink*


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