Is it December yet?


I’m normally a winter kind of gal (because seriously, yuck summer), but now I’m especially jonesing for it. December 9th is my last day of classes, and I can’t wait to be done with this program. This constant, ominous cloud of “do I have something to do?” has been looming over my head for over a year now, and I’m just about over it. I say just “just about” because it’s also kind of a kick in the ass to get on top of my shit, which is really nice.

I like that each of my classes are only once a week. Monday is my computer application (which is the capstone class and basically a GIANT review class), Tuesday is embalming lecture, Wednesday is restorative art 2, Thursday is funeral service science (chemistry) and embalming lab, and Friday is counseling.

I think counseling and the capstone class is going to be the worst. Normally, it would’ve been chem, but after the first class, I felt like the stuff is gonna come back to me as we go along. I mean, it’s been 15 years since I took (and barely passed) chem, so let’s cross our fingers that it actually comes back to me and I pass!

One way I’ve been thinking about how to get through this is to count down the classes/weeks. As of today, there’s only 15 weeks left in the semester, making it 15 more times I have to be in each of these classes! I really like the once a week schedule, it totally makes all of this more manageable.

I’m not excited for the huge (group) projects, but you know, only 15 more weeks and I won’t have to do another group project! Except, you know, the constant group project that is life and a job :/

Here’s to 15 more weeks!


Only 16 weeks till I’m a graduate!


Well, here it is. The last weekend before I go into the final semester. I have to keep it in a weekly countdown, that “last semester” or “4 months” outlook feels too long. Breaking it down weekly makes it feel manageable. I’m so anxious to get this one started. I feel the same excitement that I had just before the start of the first semester, but I have a sense of what it takes now. Getting prepared for this third semester has me in this “LET’S DO THIIIIS!” mode. I’m not excited for the tests that I’m going to have within the first week back, but you know, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this program.

An update from the last post, which ended with a “hope the second day of orientation goes well” is that the second day went well too (because I know everyone was dying to know that). What was cool was we walked off campus and sat down for a couple hours and just talked and talked about all of the things I could think of that they would need to know. I think I have sufficiently scared and prepped them for their first semester.

I had two of the girls I had talked to the day before tell me how nervous they were from that first day, but chatting some more made it a little better, and I like that I could calm them down a smidgen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.00.26 PM

I’m also excited because I have officially passed my summer semester (with a 3.33GPA!), and I’m officially on track to graduation! Well OK, not official, official because I haven’t gotten my email from the school saying “congrats you’re on the path”, but that should be coming soon.

I should be getting my folders together and printing outlines and what not, but I’m still on vacation time, so I’ll get on it this weekend. Maybe. Probably. As of right now, I’m gonna be enjoying a drink and food and the last few days of summer!

Pick my brain, I don’t mind

I’ve never felt more powerful and knowledgeable than I did today! I attended the new student orientation for incoming mortuary science kids, and they had all of the questions for me (us). There was a group of about 11 or 12 of us who came to be “mentors” for the new bunch, and we got to stand up and give our “pearls of wisdom” to them. It was sort of weird to be up there though, since only 1 year ago (almost to the day) I was sitting in their spot and nervous as hell about this program.

Today, I stood in front of 30(ish) new kids and told them, “I was sitting here a year ago, and now I’m a licensed funeral director going into my 3rd semester”, and it felt great. We went to lunch and got to just sit and chat with a bunch of kids, and they asked me all kinds of questions. I also tried to tell them everything and anything I could think of that they might need to know, and I may or may not have overwhelmed them even more.

I tried to keep reminding them that I’m not trying to make it worse, but I want to make sure they’re not blindsided by anything. I felt like I wasn’t informed enough about money and spending and whatever else happens outside of just registering and buying books. I felt like it was my duty to help them realize just how much and when they’ll be droppin shit tons of cash. They seemed relieved to have someone give them a heads up, and that’s all I wanted for them.

Tomorrow is another day of it, and we’re taking them on a “walking tour” of the campus and bookstore and food places around the area. I hope I get some other kids tomorrow so I can make sure I spread the word enough. It seemed like my classmates were giving them good information too, so hopefully these kids stay up on their shit and feel more prepared for this semester. I really hope they feel inclined to use my “expertise” throughout the semester too; I love being a resource for people.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

2 Truths and a Lie…?


Finally! The summer semester is DONE! Man, that feels good to say. Let’s play a game, 2 truths and a lie. Here we go: I have my funeral director license, I completed that dreaded law 2 class, and I rolled my ankle.

You might be thinking, well the lie has to be passing that law class, but you’re wrong there (and thanks for the vote of confidence). Then it must be my funeral directing license? Nah, I already gushed about that in my last post. So I rolled my ankle. Well, actually yes, yes I did. So where’s the lie? I don’t have one, lying is bad.

Ok, enough dicking around. I’m actually just excited that I don’t have to DO anything. For 3 weeks! I did pass that law class, and I did pass that funeral directing test (#4024 thank you very much), and I did roll my ankle. That last one may or may not have involved drunken Pokemon Go (at least nothing’s broken).

It felt nice to go hang out with friends without thinking about having to get something done before midnight. Or thinking I had to keep checking the course site. I didn’t and DON’T have to DO anything and it feels nice. For now. I will be attending the new student orientation, where I will be imparting my “pearls of wisdom” as they say.

But besides that, I have nowhere to be and it feels magical. I haven’t willingly stayed up till 1 in the morning in a long time. And by willingly, I don’t mean willing myself into remembering shit for a test. I’ve binged 2 shows in the 4 days since I walked out of my final.

The new semester starts in a little less than a month, and I’m actually really excited for it. Besides having to drop shit loads of money for 1 class (gearing up for national boards), the classes I’m taking all seem manageable and fun.

I’m not going to make this post lengthy (it’s already ramblings, we don’t need more bullshit). I just want to express that I’m excited I made it over that hump. These last 7 weeks have been kind of insane for me, 9 units in a summer semester still sounds like something only a crazy person would do. But for how much I was freaking out about it, and while I was in the middle of it, all I could think about was just getting it over with. And hey, what do you know? I’m on the other side and it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. I won’t do it again, and thank the gods for that, but it’s nice to know I can get what I felt like was the impossible done.