Only 16 weeks till I’m a graduate!


Well, here it is. The last weekend before I go into the final semester. I have to keep it in a weekly countdown, that “last semester” or “4 months” outlook feels too long. Breaking it down weekly makes it feel manageable. I’m so anxious to get this one started. I feel the same excitement that I had just before the start of the first semester, but I have a sense of what it takes now. Getting prepared for this third semester has me in this “LET’S DO THIIIIS!” mode. I’m not excited for the tests that I’m going to have within the first week back, but you know, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this program.

An update from the last post, which ended with a “hope the second day of orientation goes well” is that the second day went well too (because I know everyone was dying to know that). What was cool was we walked off campus and sat down for a couple hours and just talked and talked about all of the things I could think of that they would need to know. I think I have sufficiently scared and prepped them for their first semester.

I had two of the girls I had talked to the day before tell me how nervous they were from that first day, but chatting some more made it a little better, and I like that I could calm them down a smidgen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.00.26 PM

I’m also excited because I have officially passed my summer semester (with a 3.33GPA!), and I’m officially on track to graduation! Well OK, not official, official because I haven’t gotten my email from the school saying “congrats you’re on the path”, but that should be coming soon.

I should be getting my folders together and printing outlines and what not, but I’m still on vacation time, so I’ll get on it this weekend. Maybe. Probably. As of right now, I’m gonna be enjoying a drink and food and the last few days of summer!


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