Is it December yet?


I’m normally a winter kind of gal (because seriously, yuck summer), but now I’m especially jonesing for it. December 9th is my last day of classes, and I can’t wait to be done with this program. This constant, ominous cloud of “do I have something to do?” has been looming over my head for over a year now, and I’m just about over it. I say just “just about” because it’s also kind of a kick in the ass to get on top of my shit, which is really nice.

I like that each of my classes are only once a week. Monday is my computer application (which is the capstone class and basically a GIANT review class), Tuesday is embalming lecture, Wednesday is restorative art 2, Thursday is funeral service science (chemistry) and embalming lab, and Friday is counseling.

I think counseling and the capstone class is going to be the worst. Normally, it would’ve been chem, but after the first class, I felt like the stuff is gonna come back to me as we go along. I mean, it’s been 15 years since I took (and barely passed) chem, so let’s cross our fingers that it actually comes back to me and I pass!

One way I’ve been thinking about how to get through this is to count down the classes/weeks. As of today, there’s only 15 weeks left in the semester, making it 15 more times I have to be in each of these classes! I really like the once a week schedule, it totally makes all of this more manageable.

I’m not excited for the huge (group) projects, but you know, only 15 more weeks and I won’t have to do another group project! Except, you know, the constant group project that is life and a job :/

Here’s to 15 more weeks!


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