Employment?! Apprenticeship?! And School?! OH MY!!


I like that this meme has 2 different meanings in this post. One being that I’m in a career that definitely isn’t for everyone. The other is, wait, what’s this? Could it be? Do I have a potential job lined up!? Why yes, yes I do!

A friend of mine, who I met through school, works at a funeral home near me, and they’re looking for night attendants. I went in for an initial interview last Tuesday, and I have a follow up one this Thursday! I’m a little bummed that my second interview is happening after my embalming lab at school, so I can’t go home and shower and change before making an appearance. But they’re a funeral home, they’ve got to be used to it, right? My friend told me after the first interview that word around the office is that I got the job, but have to go through the formalities of this second interview before they make it official.

I can’t wait to be finally working in the field! It’s gonna be nice to be making some money and actually apply what I’ve been learning. I was told that I wouldn’t work more than 3 days while I’m in school, so that’s nice too. I wouldn’t want to work more than that while finishing out this last semester with a full load anyway. Hopefully it’ll be something that I can take to full-time, or at least more than 3 days, when I’m out of school. Gotta make that money! AND! Not only is there the possibility of employment, but they also hinted at my being able to start my embalming apprenticeship! I have to complete 2 years before I can be a licensed embalmer, so that’ll be nice to start ticking off those 100 cases before I’m even a graduate!

Speaking of school, as of today, we’re halfway through the 3rd week. Already taken a couple exams, gotten a BUNCH of projects thrown on my plate, and I still haven’t hit the panic button. I don’t know if I’m just getting used to the stress, or if the semesters are getting easier (*snort* yeah, no), but I have yet to get too stressed out.

This time in the first semester, I was pretty damn nervous and stressed. Once again, I wish I had started this blog back then so I could go back and relive those moments. I sort of see the stress when I go back in my “Timehop” app, which shows me Facebook, Instagram, iPhotos, and Twitter updates from the last 6 or so years. It’s sort of embarrassing to read things I posted on Facebook 6 years ago, but it’s fun to go back and remember my stress! Like today’s post from a year ago was me studying for the first unit exam in anatomy/pathology 1! It seems like I just took that class!

Hopefully, a year from now, I’ll be reading posts about school and it’ll be a distant memory, and I’ll be full-time employee *fingers crossed*! It’s still weird to me that I only have (technically) 3 months left till I graduate and I’ll finally be done with school forever!..Maybe? Baccalaureate? We’ll see. Oh! screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-27-11-pmI also got my email that I’m OFFICIALLY on track to graduate!

I’ll definitely post after my interview and how I got the job *wink*, but it’ll probably be after the weekend since we’re getting out of cell range and camping with friends. One last rendezvous with the group before I’m taking multiple exams every week for the next 3 months and don’t have time for relaxation! Oh, there’s that panic.


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