Who has 2 thumbs and is newly employed?

this_guyIt’s funny that my journey on here started with my stress over the 2nd semester, and now I’m employed and finishing school. Crazy how time flies!

But to the actual story and reason I’m making a blog entry: It’s official! You’re looking at a newly employed woman! I got the job and celebrated with a short camping trip with a group of my best friends. The second interview was basically, “when can you start?”, and I told them, “not this weekend, but anytime after that”, so I start on Monday (TOMORROW!).

I’m excited to have a job and a little bit of income, but I’m still scared it’s about to make my life a lot more hectic. Maybe all those posts about how this semester still hasn’t become stressful was my subconscious saying, “challenge accepted!”.

794df6b11dc4e780e0a1acc994c605bbThe camping trip was a nice small break in between what is about to be a very hectic 3 months. Got out of class on Friday around noon and headed towards the mountains and tried to soak in as much time as I could being out of cell range and listening to the sounds around me. It’s so calming to get out of the city, and I never truly realize how loud it actually is until I’m out in the middle of nowhere. I love seeing all of the stars out there, and I even got to see the milky way since it was so clear out!

I didn’t want to leave, but alas, school and work now dictate my schedule. I can’t wait to start tomorrow, I’m sure it’s about to be a lot of vacuuming and dusting, but I can’t wait to be paid for it ;)! As for now, I’m going to bed early (for once!) so that I’m not exhausted for tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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