Just keep swimming…

3fe296fa7ec5d0d3f7b9b2f5e9748e46I worked my first (hectic) Saturday at work. My schedule before was Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, but they moved me from Sunday to Saturday’s for the month for more experience. This Saturday I opened, next Saturday I close, so on and so forth for October. It was pretty exhausting since I closed on Friday and had to be right back there, but it was worth it. I helped assist in a viewing on Friday night, and then helped with the service on Saturday. I wasn’t technically the assistant on the service, but the director was pretty happy to have another set of hands for the day.

The chapel was packed and we were bringing in all of the chairs we could spare. I helped moved flower stands and vases out of the chapel when it was over because we had another service in less than an hour. The second service was much smaller, but still very rewarding to be apart of. I was a little more hands on with the second one since there was only one service director on it, and it was nice being apart of it. I like working mornings only for the fact that I can come home and have a night, but man I was worn out.

School is starting to catch up with me as well. We have a couple projects that are coming up that we need to get on. And by “we”, I mean me. I’m being very stubborn with myself and procrastinating more than I want to. The project should be something that I take very seriously, but I’ve got no motivation to start on it.

I did have a great time in lab on Thursday though! We had a full autopsied case! The embalming 1 students who started on him in the morning found the arteries and tied them off, and then embalmed the arms and legs. But all the “good stuff” was left for us embalming 2 kids. We embalmed up the head, and since there was a cranial autopsy, we had to make sure to stop any and all leakage for maximum distribution.

I got to be the one to put the organs, that were marinating in cavity fluid, back into the body! It was definitely a surreal feeling placing organs and absorbing chemicals back into the abdominal cavity. And just when I thought it was over flowing and it couldn’t take anymore, we sutured it all back together (I did an amazing baseball suture if I do say so myself!) and it was like nothing was wrong. Well, besides the fact that the Y-incision was on their body, you would never have thought there was anything wrong with the internal organs.

Hypodermically injecting fluids into the splayed open flaps was a little unsettling as well. You wouldn’t want the body to be decomposing in one place and embalmed in another, so you gotta do whatcha gotta do! After they were put all back together and cleaned and wrapped up, I couldn’t believe it was the same person, and THAT is what gets me excited about my job! Being able to give someone the gift of a loved one as they remember them has got to be one of the most rewarding feelings. Granted, this person might never be reunited with their family, assuming they had some around, and I won’t be able to ever meet the family, but I hold in my heart that if that were to happen, they’d be happy with our work.

Moral of this post: I’m getting more confident at work, I need to take projects at school a little more seriously, and I need to make sure I graduate in 2 months…2 MONTHS! I can and will do this…flat1000x1000075f


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