Another Day Closer…

Another day closer to graduation. To working more hours. To getting on with my life and never having to go back to school! One day at a time. Today (being my only day off) consisted of errands that I can’t get done during the week or at night, which included finally getting my car washed, buying new wiper blades, treating my dude to new blades as well, getting lunch with him because I feel like I never get to see him, and now I’m winding down my day by doing homework/presentation project for school.

This month started the ramp up of a bunch of shit I need to get done. Definitely need to get on my readings that need to get done too, that stuffs gonna take time that I don’t have a lot of.

Work is going well now too, I mean, as well as it can be. I got to take my first “first call” on Tuesday, and that was nerve wracking to say the least! I’m not the most comfortable with answering phones, and I’ve had a hard time sometimes when trying to hear people. I think it’s dependent on whether or not they’re on a cell phone, but I have a really hard time understanding them sometimes. Luckily, the hospice nurse I was talking to was calm, and I think that brought down my nerves just a little.

A little pat on my back, or a toot of my own horn if you will, but I think I’m making leaps and bounds at work passed other people that have been there a little longer than me. It’s nice to finally feel a little more comfortable too, and I bet if I worked more days in a week than I do, I would’ve been comfortable faster. This post was kind of a blah blah blah, word vomit, bored on a Sunday night, but I wanted to get on here and write something down. So I did đŸ™‚ SO THERE.


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