Now we’re in the thick of it…


I ran out of free time (or what free time I had was taken up with sleeping and trying to find a normalcy), so I didn’t get to post about the next to last group project I’ll EVER have to do for school, and the last couple of days at work. My presentation went well enough though. We got some feedback, but I also got some criticism from classmates on how we delivered our information. When you only have 45 minutes for your group to talk about all of the information that was covered over 3 semesters, it’s really hard to hit every single topic. It’s also funny that some people felt the need to say that we didn’t cover something or that we didn’t add something to our outline, but it was sitting right there IN the outline, so I don’t take it to heart. There’s obviously people not paying close enough attention in the first place, so I’m not gonna let it bug me.

My last(!) presentation isn’t for another couple of weeks, and there’s plenty of other shit I gotta get done before then. I managed to knock out a 24 page paper in 6 hours last week. I need to read a small book and be able to answer discussion board questions and discussion in class, so I need to get on that. I have a research paper for my embalming class due next week. I have 4 tests this week (technically 3 cuz I took the one this morning). It’s just all coming together all at once (like I thought it would be), and I’m so close to the end! Plus! We take our “class photo” next Friday, and day by day, I’m closer and closer to that graduation date.

Work has been going better too. I can tell that I’m getting more comfortable because I don’t have to ask about as much things as I did before. The one thing that kinda sucks though is that when I do ask, I get sighs and eye rolls and less than helpful help. BUT, I’m just gonna keep ignoring it and move on. I don’t see me being at this particular place for a long time, but I’m gonna soak in as much knowledge as I can while I’m there.

Highlight of my weekend definitely came on Saturday though. I had only been at work for about an hour or so, and I had a little old lady come in the front door. I’m expected to be the doorman in this place, so I made my way out there and greeted her with my usual smile and “how can I help you”. I immediately saw the anger in her eyes and she started on her, “I just have to tell you, someone needs to do something!” and proceeded to tell me that the children that were with the big group present for a graveside committal, were climbing on, jumping over, and running across the markers and the monument that we have in our veterans section. She was furious and I didn’t blame her. She kept saying that these kids were grabbing the flag chain and swinging it around and screaming and yelling, and said, “this is a sacred place for our veterans! This is NOT how you show respect!”

And then it happened. She said, “I can’t even hear myself try to talk to my husband…”, and her voice cracked, and the anger turned to tears. I couldn’t stop myself; I stepped forward and gave this poor woman a hug. As I embraced her, I told her, “I will do something for you”. She came out of the hug with a soft thank you, and I could tell she felt listened to and cared about.

That’s all I really want in this profession. I want to be able to help people, diffuse a situation, bring comfort to someone, do something to help them. I went back into the office (a little choked up myself), and my coworkers asked what that was all about. I told them, and they said that I needed to be the one to go tell the kids/family, but said it in a very “NOT IT!” kind of tone, but I was more than happy to do it myself anyway.

I also got a nasty comment from a coworker, that I need to go disinfect myself after touching people, because “that’s just disgusting” and shuddered. That alone confirmed for me that there’s some hardened people in this business, and I would hate for one of them to have gotten to her first, because they would’ve showed her zero sympathy. I’m sure they would have even been a little mean, and pointed out that the kids were no longer on the monument, and not done anything about it. Instead, I showed her compassion, and took it upon myself to drive the golf cart over to the graveside.

I stood by the monument for about 5 minutes, and no kids came running towards me. I did see them running around, but they were done messing around in the veterans section by the time I got there. The graveside service they were there for was ending, and I didn’t see a point in disturbing the family as they were hugging and leaving by saying, “hey, by the way, get your kids cuz they were doing something people didn’t like about 20 minutes ago”, so I just hung around until I saw cars start to pack up and the kids went back to their parents.

I didn’t actually fulfill the lady’s request by telling someone something, but I at least did more for the situation than any of my coworkers would have done. OK maybe not any of my coworkers, but definitely the couple of them that were in the room when I talked about what happened. I just hope that that woman came back, either later that day or the next day to have her time with her husband. And I really hope that no one disturbs her the next time she comes back.

So today is October 24th. Next week is Halloween. Then there’s a couple quick weeks full of projects and tests, then it’s Thanksgiving. And then before I know it, it’s going to be December and I’m going to be DONE. It still feels far away, but this is gonna sneak up on me so fast!


One thought on “Now we’re in the thick of it…

  1. What a great story.

    I have a couple of co-workers just like you described and even though I’ve not been doing this line of work for long, I feel that once you stop caring (about the living and the dead) you ought to think about a new procession.

    Hopefully the lady will appreciate your help even though you couldn’t actually do anything.

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