The Aftermath


I did it.

I’m done.

I finished my last final on Friday, December 9th @ 11:24 AM. I walked down the GIANT staircase for the last time, to my car, came home…and didn’t know what to do with myself.

I went to work, had a viewing for a young kid and a lot of people showed up. Ran around like crazy, but everything closed down smoothly. Went to work early on Saturday morning. Went to a nice dinner Saturday night. Ate a late night snack at Denny’s with my dude because I hadn’t gotten to hang out with him for days. SLEPT IN FOR ONCE. Got lunch/dinner with grandparents and parents in celebration for my graduation.

It’s now Sunday night, and I’m sitting here wondering what to do with myself. I don’t have anything due tomorrow; no tests to study for, no discussion boards due. The only thing I HAVE to do, is sign up to take my National Board Exam (NBE) once I get the email. I’m kind of nervous for the NBE, and I have to get it done before December 31st in order to actually receive my diploma.

I also need to register to take my Embalmer’s test. I want to get that out of the way now, so that when I complete my apprenticeship, I automatically get my license. That’s something I feel I can push into January though, so I’m gonna take my time on that.

It’s still not setting in, and I’m sure it’s gonna take a while, but right now I’m just glad to be sitting here with a glass of Jameson watching television without a care in the world. Life is good.


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