Too good to be true (but it is!)


You know that guy that talks about his job and how much he loves it, and you’re silently cursing him in your head because you wouldn’t know what it’s like to love a job? Well, I’ve gone from being the guy cursing to the guy getting cursed at!

I. LOVE. My. Job.

Seriously, I love it. I knew I loved the industry and that this was a fit for me when I was going through school, but in less than 3 days I’ve grown to love my job more than in the last 4 months at my old place. Let’s just compare the first day at both places.

At my first mortuary, I was brought in in a rush, signed papers, given an employee handbook and told to go sit at a desk and read the whole thing because the manager had to leave. I was forgotten about, and none of the other employees cared to do anything with me once I was done reading said handbook, because I was the manager’s new problem. Once we were closing the place, the girl told me,”you know, just go home, we’ll finish up”, and I went home in such a let down.

My first day at my new place had me getting into it right away. I was given a key and shown how to lock up (I was given a key to my old place for over a month). I was brought into the prep room where I helped casket one guy, and later helped dress 2 people. Then I was in charge of making memorial folders. Not just shown how, and talked down to like I was a kid, and then told to fold until my fingers hurt (although I did fold all these ones, but my fingers are fine), but I was sat down at the computer while they told me what to do and watched to make sure I did it correctly. I physically did all the steps so that way I know how to do it (WHAT A CONCEPT RIGHT?!).

Once we were done with the busy work, it was back in the prep room where I was given the opportunity to suture incisions on their arms (they were an organ donor and the long bones in the arms were taken, so the incisions were wide open) and the carotid opening from embalming. And when I say I was given the opportunity, I mean: I was given the opportunity. I was left alone to complete the work! Which I did beautifully, if I do say so myself! We washed the case, and I washed and disinfected the tables, while the guy that was helping me close that night mopped the floor. Once we were done, the night was over! Time flew and it felt great!

Now, reading this to anyone else might sound a little mundane, but in all seriousness, I felt like a funeral director. I felt like an equal. I felt like a god damn adult. I didn’t feel like a maid for once!

Since the first day, I’ve driven the hearse to 2 services away from the mortuary. Tonight was my 4th day on the job, and it was a HUGE service in the chapel and a viewing in the smaller, side room. I love my supervising embalmer because when it’s time to close, it’s time to close! We got them out, cleaned up quickly, and that was that. No need to vacuum (no footprints! *eye roll*) or deal with the trash!

I can’t wait to finally have my apprenticeship paperwork in order and get the official go ahead to start my journey toward my embalmers license! I got a taste of working with my supervising embalmer yesterday when he was finishing up a case. I was allowed to aspirate and do the cavity treatment, and it was an amazing feeling to be doing what I learned in school, and getting paid for it!

Tomorrow, I finally work a day shift, and I’m actually about to be in charge of my own service! I’m the director! Not an assistant. Not some random person in a suit (who doesn’t actually get to meet the family because the director I’m working with didn’t feel the need to introduce me, even though I did more for the family than they did during the service, but WHATEVER).

Less than 1 week, and my feelings have been confirmed: this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, and I LOVE my job.


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