21 Days


It’s only been 21 days since I last posted, and things couldn’t have change more! Change for the better of course, since in those 21 days: my coworker who lived in the apartment over the mortuary quit and left, so not only am I now the 2nd in command here (and the only one listed as a funeral director on the website cuz my boss has “manager” as his title, but he is a FDR/EMB). Since he’s gone, my boss and I had a chat and he ended up offering me the apartment and my dude and I SWOOPED on that opportunity! We talked over the details with him, but there wasn’t too much to discuss, we were pretty set.

That may or not may not be an actual photo of our move by the way.

Telling my parents was kind of a pain in the ass, since I knew they weren’t going to like the fact that we weren’t going to be able to bring my dog with us and they were going to be stuck with him. We’re allowed the cat since he’s small, but I’m really missing my big baby boy. After we dropped the bomb, they were pretty peeved. Peeved is a nice way of saying that when I told my mom, she shut down and didn’t want to hear the details of it. We gave it a day, and my parents ended up sitting us down and voicing their concerns (mostly the pets and their care). After we talked and we finally got to tell them the benefits of moving in here, they were on board.

It’s only been a week since we had that conversation with them, and as I type this, I’m sitting in my new living room. We figured that the way that our work schedules don’t sync up and the fact that the mortuary didn’t have anything going on this weekend, it was the perfect time to strike! So my boss gave me Saturday and Sunday and the van from work and we moved all of our stuff from our storage unit, packed the house, and bought a couch. Then on my actual day off on Monday, we moved the rest and I spent the first night in the new place last night!

It’s a little weird, and I don’t think I’m going to feel at home until we’re settled. We’re living in box world right now and the way that schedules are working out, we’re not gonna be settled for a while. BUT, we’re here. I’m going to be on-call for my boss so he isn’t doing 5 days a week by himself anymore. I’m going to be involved in the business more since I’m literally living in it now and I’m BEYOND excited.

Also, as a side note: my new couch is super comfy and bright blue and I’ve never been so excited about a piece of furniture! I might be more excited when we eventually buy a new bed, but for now, I feel like a full fledged adult with my first ever big furniture purchase!


One thought on “21 Days

  1. Congratulations on the promotion, new home and furniture purchase!

    What seems like hundreds of years ago I nearly applied to a Funeral Directors but had to decline because it was a “live in” position and I was settled where I lived. Knowing now how much I love this line of work – I wish I’d have taken it.

    Glad things are going well for you.


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