I figured I needed to put a quick “about me” on here at some point. How about 7 months after I start the blog? Sure!

I’m 29. I’m a newly licensed funeral director (#4024!). I’m completing my last semester of mortuary science school. A job is in the works(!). I have a boyfriend of 9+ years. I have a cat (The Reginald J. Catsby aka “Cat Cat”) and a dog (Ralph). I live in Anaheim, California (yes, near Disneyland), and I’m still pretty new to this blog thing.

Now, I’ll use this time to clarify my mini “about me” on the main page. “Former art student turned mortician” is well, exactly that. I was going to be a photographer and when that didn’t work out, I went to school to be a funeral director and embalmer. I was in school for years and years trying to become a photographer. I had gotten my A.A. degree in ’09, and I was looking to transfer to a big 4 year and get my B.F.A. in photography.

But it fell through and I went to a different 2 year trying to complete their certificate program in photography. Well, long story short: the school was CRAZY impacted (like, 4,000 kids trying to get into what few classes they actually offered, with only 30 seats per class), and I couldn’t get into more than 1 class per semester (hell, I was lucky to get into ONE class), and it just wasn’t happening anymore. I didn’t have it in my anymore and I was looking for a change.

I wanted a career. I wanted something that wasn’t working in bars or customer service; I was done with all that. I did a random Google search (I honestly, to this day, have no idea why I typed it in) of “Funeral Director” and lo and behold, the one of two mortuary science schools in the state is 2 blocks from my house. Never before had something clicked so much for me.

I LOVE photography, but I realized, I didn’t need to be in school to be a photographer. I’ll continue to love photography, but I’ve definitely found my calling. This blog is about my journey through school, because I wanted to document my stress and hard work while I was in the middle of it, but it’s slowly becoming just my general life as well.

I’m hoping I can share my experiences with everyone, and maybe bring some insight into this “taboo” career choice of mine. Don’t be afraid to hit me up if you’ve got a question for me🙂


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